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Fallen Angels

Candace, the disco dancing tech genius, Lily, the chaste, sober hippie, and Yu-Ri, the southern belle from South Korea, are aspiring models turned thieves in this comic series. You can start reading from the beginning, check out summaries of each episode, and learn more about the Devils.

My plan is to produce a total of 48 episodes, divided into four parts. Each episode will be seven to ten pages long. If there's enough interest, I may be able to create new episodes more frequently.

I hope you'll enjoy Chuck's Devils. Please let me know what you think!


August 24th, 2021:
Episode 19: Damn Dirty Hippie is done! A series of malodorous mishaps leaves Lily smelling very much unlike the fragrant flower she's named after. Fortunately, her foul funk proves useful when Yu-Ri and Candace are captured by a couple of cacophonous contrabandists.

June 30th, 2021:
Episode 18: Everything's Coming Up Roses is finished! The cunning Rose outwits the Devils several more times, and Yu-Ri is cornered by her nemesis. The rival thief offers to mentor Yu-Ri as her partner in crime... and romance.