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  Episode Guide: Part Two

13: Honor Among Thieves

Just when the future looks bright for the Devils, Chuck reveals his darker side and orders them to execute an assassination mission.

Yu-Ri tries to prove her toughness and protect her newfound friends, but Candace and Lily provide support when she needs it most.

14: Mummy May I?

The Devils go tomb raiding when they attempt to loot jewelry from an oddly familiar looking trio of mummified princesses.

The grave robbers dig up their ancient artifacts, but just as the Devils are about to wrap things up, their plans start to unravel.

15: A Rose By Any Other Name

The Devils set out to rob a ruby, only to discover a colorful woman named Rose beat them to it.

Rose once assumed a false identity to surveil her rival thieves. With ample, uh, confidence, and skills to back it up, Rose may prove to be a thorn in the Devils' sides.

16: Futile Fantasy

Our kinda noble heroines embark on an epic quest for treasure in the virtual Land of Legends.

Dame Candace, joined by a barbarian beefcake, leads her party of medieval misfits to retrieve the Crown of Virtue from the Castle of the Fire Dragon.

17: The Devils 'R' Good Enough

The band of loonies discover a treasure map that marks the location of One-Eyed Wendy's hidden pirate booty.

They'll have to outwit Wendy's booby traps and an Italian crime family, but always remember: Devils never say "die".

18: Everything's Coming Up Roses

Rose outwits the Devils several more times, and Yu-Ri is cornered by her nemesis. The rival thief offers to mentor Yu-Ri as her partner in crime... and romance.

After Yu-Ri's friends help her make sense of her mixed emotions, she finally comes out of the closet.

19: Damn Dirty Hippie

A series of malodorous mishaps leaves Lily smelling very much unlike the fragrant flower she's named after.

Fortunately, her foul funk proves useful when Yu-Ri and Candace are captured by a couple of cacophonous contrabandists.

20: Three Thieves and a Baby

While posing as reptile wranglers, our scammers accidentally catch more than a snake: a baby girl!

The beleaguered babysitters try to operate Devils Daycare while Chuck negotiates with her parents. Eventually, the baby is delivered back to her home by a sweet stork.

21: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Rose invites Yu-Ri to partake in her idea of a fun date: breaking into a museum and stealing a priceless pair of diamonds.

It turns out the two talented thieves really do make a great team... until the pink-haired temptress reveals her true colors.

22: Yu-Ri's Fury

Yu-Ri snaps and loses control of her emotions after Lily is attacked by a cantankerous cad.

While trying to console her friend, Lily professes her love for Yu-Ri. But memories of a curtailed relationship from Yu-Ri's past prevents her from reciprocating.

23: Thursday Night Frenzy

Candace returns to the club to challenge The Disco King for his flashy medallion, but stumbles and bruises her foot as well as her ego.

Despite soaking in the disco lifestyle, the only thing Candace hasn't been able to absorb is the funky dance moves.

24: The Bloom Is Off the Rose

Yu-Ri emerges from the depths of despair to help her fellow Devils carry out a plan that results in Rose receiving her comeuppance.

Afterwards, Yu-Ri expresses her gratitude and reveals her true feelings for Lily, and they become more than friends.