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  Episode Guide: Part Two

13: Honor Among Thieves

Just when the future looks bright for the Devils, Chuck reveals his darker side and orders them to execute an assassination mission.

Yu-Ri tries to prove her toughness and protect her newfound friends, but Candace and Lily provide support when she needs it most.

14: Mummy May I?

The Devils go tomb raiding when they attempt to loot jewelry from an oddly familiar looking trio of mummified princesses.

The grave robbers dig up their ancient artifacts, but just as the Devils are about to wrap things up, their plans start to unravel.

15: A Rose By Any Other Name

The Devils set out to rob a ruby, only to discover a colorful woman named Rose beat them to it.

Rose once assumed a false identity to surveil her rival thieves. With ample, uh, confidence, and skills to back it up, Rose may prove to be a thorn in the Devils' sides.